I was born in Long Beach, CA in 1946. Soon after finishing high school, I was drafted into the US Marine Corps  and after boot camp and some more advanced training, I was sent to Vietnam as a rifleman, or grunt. I was fortunate to survive a full year of combat even though my Company suffered 95% casualties. I returned from Vietnam and immediately enrolled in College, where I majored in Electronic Engineering. 
It took seven years for me to earn my BS and MS in Electronic Engineering at UCLA. My first job was at Hughes Aircraft in Culver City where I helped design High Energy Lasers, Infrared Imaging, Laser Spot Trackers, and secure Laser Communication links. 
After working for 38 years as an Engineer and traveling all over the world, I retired at the age of 62 and starting writing in earnest. I have now completed and published six books although the first one is no longer in print.
I have traveled to at least 55 countries in the past 50 years, for both business and pleasure. I have been married for 45 years and live in Orange County, CA.

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