When the American government decided to use Bikini Atoll in the Marshal Islands to test Atomic Bombs above ground, the citizens of Bikini Atoll had no idea what the devastating effects would be. They willingly evacuated Bikini and were transported to another Marshall Island farther east and were provided with temporary accommodations. 

The Americans told them they could soon return and resume their normal lives after the Atomic Tests were completed. What nobody knew, including the top Scientists who conducted the tests, that the bomb that was supposed to be 5 megatons would reveal an unexpected chemical reaction that actually triple the size to 15 megatons. It would gouge a huge crater along the perimeter of their atoll and create a massive radioactive cloud that would not only poison the soil of Bikini but would actually be carried far to the east by the Trade Winds and contaminate ships and other islands, including the island occupied by the relocated Bikini people. Many would be suffer from radiation poisoning. 

I have described the earth shaking event accurately and have created a group of fictional characters and shown the terrible effects through their eyes. These include an American General, an American Admiral, the Polynesian Chief of Bikini, a Filipino Priest and Amerasian Nun who carry on a forbidden love affair as the Military and scientists prepare for the coming blast, and finally their is Leilani Frangipani, a lovely orphaned teenage girl who has also fallen in love with the Catholic Priest and is devastated when she discovers his affair with the Nun. She decides to stay on the Island during the blast, hoping to find and rescue the Catholic Priest who also decides to stay.

When the massive blast comes, anyone not sheltered in concrete bunkers will die. What happens to those who stay on the island is heartbreaking but also uplifting because some do survive and demonstrate the indomitable human spirit even in the face of desolation. 

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