This book examines the origin of at least five successful conspiracies, the vital components required to control and enslave people, and how we can free ourselves from the devastating effects of these and other conspiracies that still hold us in bondage. 

I expose who was behind the conspiracy to demonize Marijuana and what their motivation was, how the Man-Made Climate Change fraud succeeded in robbing American Taxpayers of at least 185 billion dollars and accomplished nothing, How Communists succeeded in enslaving at least 1/3 of the world's population for more than a century, how the Catholic Church achieved it's incredible wealth and power over a 2,000 year period by playing on the fears and superstitions of its now 1 billion members. 

What do all of these successful conspiracies have in common? They all controlled the mass media, and thus controlled people's minds with a massive barrage of propaganda and outright lies.

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